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Shane Fagan


An accomplished and visionary leader serving as the President and CEO of WasteMind Building Solutions. With a proven track record in management and business development, Shane has successfully spearheaded strategic initiatives, optimized operations, and driven sustainable growth within the waste management industry. Through his strong leadership and business acumen, Shane has swiftly established WasteMind as a trusted industry leader.

Zach Burke-Fagan

Regional Manager

A highly skilled and results-driven regional manager with a strong background in technical expertise and business development. With a proven track record in leading successful teams and driving growth in diverse industries, Zach combines technical acumen with strategic business insights to achieve exceptional results. Zach is known for his ability to navigate complex challenges, forge strategic partnerships, and deliver innovative solutions that optimize operations and drive sustainable growth.

Trevor Lewis

Operations Supervisor

As a dedicated and experienced supervisor specializing in trash compactor and garbage chute maintenance and repair, Trevor brings expertise in managing and overseeing the efficient operation, maintenance, and repair of waste management systems. With a proven track record in this specialized field, he excels in providing effective leadership, ensuring optimal functionality, and implementing preventive maintenance strategies to minimize downtime and maximize operational efficiency.

Sheila Whiting

Office Manager