Odour Control

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WasteMind provides multiple variations for effective odour control systems to reduce the travelling of odours through the chute and garbage room.

Having an odour system is crucial in some cases and aids in the air quality and improves overall conditions for the building staff and tenants.

Already used for more than 20years in a variety of applications, such as air and water purification, food preparation, and medical research. WasteMind is the first to bring this technology to high-rise buildings to improve the quality of your garbage room air.

  • High intensity UVC & UVV bulb odour elimination
  • Enclosed HEPA filtration system
  • CSA approved
  • Durable steel casing
  • Consistently filters “dirty” garbage room air using a 300 cfm impeller blower
  • Destroys chemical and biological odours
  • Supported by one(1) year manufacturer’s warranty

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